Facilitated rhythmical fun with hand drums and percussion instruments

If your heart is beating you are ready to be...rhythmologised !

Break the ice and liven up your Christmas or New Year Party with a fun drum circle or massed Boomwhacker activity!

We soon have your guests talking to each other with rhythm - the easiest way to small talk - and it is such good fun!

Do you call it a Christmas Party or Xmas Party, New Year Party or Hogmanay? That is up to you, but let us rhythmologise everyone at the beginning and the rest of the occasion will go with a bang!

If you are trying to find something for people to do at your Christmas Party so they do not spend the whole time drinking - we have the answer. A drumming workshop, drum circle, Boomwhacker session or junk percussion activity will get the energy flowing so everyone, even the shy people, will have a good time.

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Hint - if you are organising a Christmas Party for work you may be able to get the drumming funded from the training budget as a team building activity! Office parties at Christmas can seem to be unproductive to bosses - but if you have a drum circle from Active Rhythmology to encourage listening, responding and co-operating they will see the benefit for themselves. Our interactive corporate entertainment will drum up the right attitude - which is always good for business, even at Christmas.


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Our activities are fun entertainment that include all your guests - they all take part in the drumming and make up their own music as they go along. It is easy to do so all enjoy the exciting atmosphere and burn off a few calories.

Fun drumming activity, the guests make their own entertainment.

Please contact us now before it's too late so we can discuss the best way to help you have a successful Christmas Party

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Guests talking to each other with rhythm at christmas party
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