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If you have already experienced an Active Rhythmology event, whether this was a percussion workshop, drumcircle or other activity, please email your comments. As long as they are suitable for publication we will add them to the list.

We welcome all feedback as opportunities to learn how to serve our customers even better and others who are about to try our drumming for the first time want to read about how much fun you had. Please submit your feedback by email if you have hired us previously...

Teachers Feedback Video - School Drumming Workshops

Testimonials from teachers and head teachers at Benton Park High School in Leeds and New Pasture Lane School in Bridlington.

Read more about school drumming workshops and drumming in education.

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Corporate Team Building & Business Training Client Feedback

Testimonials from previous corporate clients including Lloyds TSB/Halifax and more...

Watch our other corporate drumming videos here


ASDA - Golden Bear Summit

High-energy Boomwhacker percussion tube closing to conference for 300 event manager

bongos bullet point

Claire (Corporate Culture)
“It was entertaining and I really enjoyed it as everyone was involved. There was some cautious anticipation by the managers but then they got into it and had fun. The delegates were weary after one and a half days of conference and taking part with the Boomwhackers woke them up so they were bright and alive when they left.”

bongos bullet point

Liz (ASDA)
“The Boomwhackers were really enjoyable and the facilitator got everybody involved – everyone was concentrating and listening. We did not feel stupid or left out because it was so easy to do!”

bongos bullet point

Gary (ASDA)
“I was at the Golden Bear Summit and really enjoyed the musical ending with the Boomwhackers. It is a great way to get people more relaxed with each other as well as getting them in the mood to do something. I don’t know if you heard the last song we sang but it was ten times better after you had done your bit. Do you sell the Boomwhackers as I think they are great and I would love to be able to take them round to schools when I go out to do events?”

bongos bullet point

Julie (ASDA)
“Greatly enjoyed your input at the Golden Bears this week and would like to know if we can buy the instruments?”

bongos bullet point

Carol (ASDA)
“I was at the Golden Bears today and love the Boomwhackers. I would like to buy some for our store…………loved your production by the way.”

See an example video of our Boomwhacker Conference Energiser here

Note – Yes, Active Rhythmology do sell Boomwhackers and crucially, can provide training in their use with groups. Please email or telephone for details.


Leeds Children’s Rights Service

Drum circle workshop with young people and carers

Leeds Children's Rights Service feedback letter

Bradford Voices Community Choir

National Street Music Festival Drumming circle workshop

bongos bullet point

“Steve - Thank you very much for doing the workshop. We received very good feedback……….Many thanks once again”


No words but they kindly sent these photographs of our drum circle workshops

Drumming workshop for Scope - We have instruments for almost everyone to play!

Find out what type of workshop or other rhythm activity would best suit your event here.


Warrington Collegiate

Staff Training Day

Drumcircle fun workshop for college teaching staff.

Dear Steve

Sorry this has taken so long but here are a few quotes from our evaluations - all true.

"Enjoyed the drum workshop very much"

When asked..."Is there anything else you feel should have been included?" the answer was - "More drums!"

"You are aware that I went to the drums session, although after putting my name down, I was having second thoughts and decided I should have chosen something else!
How wrong could I be? I don't know who the chap was who ran the session but he was a miracle worker! We were all playing drums like it was second nature and everyone I spoke to said what a great event it had been."

Hope this is OK?




North East Sailing Team

Tall Ships Race International Crew Party - Boomwhacker party energiser

bongos bullet point

“The Boomwhackers were great – we felt that we were part of the action instead of just being an audience and watching a performance. It really built the energy and everyone was involved.”

See a video of our Boomwhacker Energiser rhythm activity here

Below are a few photos of the event.

Boomwhacker percussion tubes at the ready...

Well they've got their Boomwhackers, what next?

Two girl stilt dancers join in the fun!

Two stilt dancers join in the Boomwhacker rhythmical excitement.
Facilitating Boomwhacker rhythm activity with two stilt dancers!

To the right of the two stilt-dancing girls in the centre of the circle you can just see Steve and Oliver facilitating a Boomwhacker rhythm.

Now they have swapped places.

Boomwhacker North East Sailing Team party energised by Active Rhythmology.

Get in touch with Active Rhythmology to find ways for all to make music and have fun.

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