Facilitated rhythmical fun with hand drums and percussion instruments

If your heart is beating you are ready to be...rhythmologised !

Communal rhythm making in a drum circle, drumming workshop or massed Boomwhackers is a fun, friendly activity that automatically makes people feel better.

You will notice how we adjust the drumming to suit the energy and condition of the players.

Drumming up energy or beating out stress - the benefits of our sessions are as numerous as the situations and people we get involved with.

A drum circle or drumming workshop in full flow can be a harmonious mix of low, medium and high frequencies from the selection of instruments. The variety of sounds from the different size of drums, shakers, bells etc. give the body an internal massage and stimulate the mind.

Take a look at the video here to get an idea of how an Active Rhythmology drumming workshop works.

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aerobic activity drumming enjoyed by all
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From managerial stress to post natal depression, fun music making with a group can help people to relax and function more effectively.

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The rhythmical activity and sounds produced can by-pass normal thinking patterns and generate new connections.

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Drumming is an aerobic activity that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities. From our variety of instruments we can usually find something for everyone to play.

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Patients with speech or language difficulties through illness, accident or age can often interact with rhythm because this uses a different area of the brain.

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Speed recovery with a fun drum circle that makes a change from the daily routine.

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Initial research has shown that regular guided communal drumming with a particular protocol boosts the immune response and there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that group drumming helps people to become more healthy. It may be the physical activity, the act of improvising music, the interaction with a group of other humans, the release of stress or one or more of lots of other reasons why drumming improves health but more research is needed. If you have funding available Active Rhythmology will be delighted to become involved and help to discover the actual effects of drum circle music making on the health of people.

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Relax, reduce stress, improve your health whilst having fun with an Active Rhythmology drum circle

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drumming up energy and beating out stress with drums, shakers and bells
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